Fabric Sheet Lining / Bonded Sheet Linings

Fabric backed fluropolymer sheets are used for sheet linings of PVDF,PTFE,ETFE,ECTFE,FEP,PFA. Unique bonding techniques are available for appropriate bonding of fluropolymer with base material for use under vacuum and at high temperatures.

Fabric backed sheet lining is also done with PP,PPH,PPH222,HDPE

PVC & CPVC bonding is done by using bonding resin.

The different fabrics available are

  • • AK : Ceramic based, suitable upto 170°C
  • • GBK/GL : Glass based upto 140°C
  • • SK : Polyester based upto 120°C
  • • PK : Polypropylene based upto 100°C

PFA-AK sheets are available, ceramic based fabrics are available with PFA sheets in order to perform above 150°C.

Chemically treated PVDF sheets and pipes are available inorder to take care of the bonding issues between the fluropolymer & GRP or MS.

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