Mechanical Bonded Lining / Unbonded Linings / Loose Linings

For certain high temperature application bonding between fluoropolymer and GRP/MS is not important thus loose lining or un-bonded lining is preffered. This method allows to utilize maximum performance of flouropolymers.

Large equipments, silos are lined by mechanical bonding of fluoropolmer with substrate. Mechanical bonding will not allow the liner to move from its place. Countersunk bolts are used for mechanical bonding. Countersunk bolts are covered from top with fluropolymer disc making sure that the bolts are not corroded in operation.

Loose lining is preferred when the application is above 250°C but not suitable for vacuum application.

For vacuum application fluoropolymer sheets have to be mechanically bonded.

Pre fabricated liners are made in sucha way that it precisely matches the dimensions of the substrate & minimum welding joints are required.

PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, FEP, PFA materials are used for mechanical or unbounded lining.

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